I had the great privilege of creating UI animation, HUDs and iconography for Fortnite Save the World and Battle Royale Limited Time Modes. My workflow involved presenting comps for review and then iterating on the implemented versions in game. For animations, I presented comps made in After Effects and then also worked on the implemented Unreal animations in game.

Tilted Taxis Fare Completion Animation

Tilted Taxis Fare Bonus Win

Tilted Taxis Fare Bonus Lost

Final Lineup Animation

Argon LTM Flair

Arsenic LTM HUD

Arsenic LTM HUD Options

Safe Driver and Speed Demon emojis for Tilted Taxis LTM

Fortnite STW Season 11 Icon Comps

Fortnite STW Season 11 Icon Comps

Fortnite Accolade Icon Comps

Fortnite Accolade Icon Comps

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